Spellbound Potions

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Here are the images and some info as well as example lines for the characters we need voice acted.

The harpy has a strange personality because she’s part bird. She regularly makes statements a bird might. She feels she’s above humans. She’s a bit prejudice. I want her voice to be a bit distinct. Perhaps a bit crakled?
Personality: A bird of prey at heart she is just as likely to tear you apart then talk. She’s proud of her heritage and believes in her harpy sisters.
-Human face

Harpy scientist5 crazy
Harpy vociferous Rosinweed
engaging in or marked by loud and insistent cries especially of protest

First level
Tutorial 1 4 plant potion
(She’s angry and wants to kill… get used to it. Distressed and a bit confused as well through the whole thing.)
Harpy Dear diary: I’ve been caught! A cage with food! What kind of a horrible person sets a trap for a bird? I can’t get out no matter how hard I try! I cry for help but my sisters can’t hear me. How can this be? I’ve never heard of a place where a harpy’s screech can’t be heard. Some ugly man says that I have to work for him. What rubbish once he opens this cage he will know what a huge mistake he has made. When the time comes he will hear my scream!

Pretty much her personality says it all. She sacrifices her self for the greater good.
Witch Personality: She’s nearly always depressed. Since she never thinks she’s good enough her disposition is sad. Her sister is a great witch who left the family and she worries about her and the rest of her family constantly.

-Old fashion clothes like a peasant at renaissance fair
-Witches hat

Witch saturnine Wallrue
causing or marked by an atmosphere lacking in cheer Gloomy

(First level
Tutorial 1 4 plant potion

(she’s not sure what will happen to her. But she is determined to do her family good.)

Dear diary: My family needed money. So I was sold into slavery to a crazy scientist. I’ve just arrived in his dilapidated mansion. My room has a bed and a small broken window. I’m just glad some one as worthless as me can help my family if only a little bit. Perhaps I can be of use to my new master to show my appreciation for buying me. It must be a huge burden to have some one like me around. The scientist has just called me down. So I had better hurry!

The most important part about the fairy is her abundant energy. I consider her the most over the top character in the game. Multiple letters mean you should extend the word… I know that may seem obvious but for some people they don’t get it.

Personality: She is a fun loving fairy who enjoys pranks. Although usually happy she some times feels lonely without her friends.
-Wings like a butterfly

Fairy Scientist2 arrogant

Fairy Blithe Immortelle
having or showing a good mood or disposition (a blithe, obedient child) Cheerful

First level
Tutorial 1 4 plant potion
(here the fairy is excited. At the end though she becomes bored and a little whiny)
Dear diary: Today I met a funny man! He wore a white cloak and a funny looking hat. Then he caught me in a net I was so excited. I’ve seen humans catch butterflies before; I’ve always wondered what it was like! Boy was I surprised when he took me to this cool little lab. He put me in the tower. I’m a bit bored now but it seems he wants me to do something for him. I hope to have more fun things to write about soon! This may be the best time ever.