Spellbound Potions

  • Huge story completely voice acted!
  • Over 100 levels!
  • More then 100 unique plants
  • Over an hour of behind the scenes
  • Free to play with ads
  • 5 playable characters with their own story to tell
  • Collect plants in beautiful landscapes
  • No time limits! Take all the time you want with out any negative impact


In a world fill with magic and mystique everyone goes about their lives happily. Yet among these happy people are 5 evil scientists who plot to destroy the magical world with the potion of destruction. They enslave 5 magical creatures to do their bidding. Now you must help the
Mystical fairy that only wants to play and have fun
Seductive vampire who wishes to return home and protect her daughter
Clumsy Witch who wants to live up to here family name
Harpy Amazon that just wants to return to her sisters in the sky
Tormented Werewolf who only wants to escape his horrible curse
Do you have the courage to stand up for what is right and help these 5 magical beings escape their torments and live a happy life?

Screenshots coming soon! Game release end of December early January

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